Ferrari Testarossa


  • Mileage 1,065 Miles

  • Year 1989

  • Price Under Offer


U.K. Supplied Testarossa currently showing just over 1,000 miles from new.

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The Ferrari Testarossa was the star of the 1984 Paris Motor Show, rivalling the Lamborghini Countach in terms of styling and performance and instantly becoming the poster-car of a generation. The design alone was a drastic change from the outgoing 512 BBi; not only was it a far more angular (and arguably more attractive) design, but also one of function. 

In addition, the Testarossa was capable of 40bhp more power than its predecessor; 380bhp propelling the beautiful body to 60mph in less than 6 seconds and on to a top speed of 180mph. Such performance figures and capabilities form the purpose for one of the Testarossas most striking design features, the 'cheese grater' side strakes, keeping the car cool and stable at such speeds. 

The interior also benefited from significant upgrades on the outgoing Boxer, mainly revolving around a greater finish and more space for both passengers and luggage, to allow this V12 supercar to also be used on Grand Tours in great comfort. 

The example we are offering for sale was delivered May, 1989 via Maranello Sales, Egham to its first owner, a B.C. Oates of Cheshire. It is finished in the iconic colour combination of Rosso Corsa over Beige. It was purchased a year later by a Mr Alan Parker in 1990 where it joined his collection of other Ferraris. The car had covered just 100 miles when he bought it.

A letter in the history file from Mr Parker states that the car was then sold to a Mr Quint in 2001 at which time the car had covered just 950 miles.

The car is accompanied by its original handbooks, as well as a history file detailing previous ownership and a selection of servicing invoices and MOT certificates documenting the mileage. The Testarossa is among the most iconic and collectible of modern Ferraris. Here is the chance to acquire a very low-mileage example in its iconic original colours.