Ferrari F40


  • Mileage 21,525 Kilometres

  • Year 1991

  • Price POA


EU Supplied Cat, Non-Adjust F40 with just 21,525 KMs.

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The Ferrari F40 was announced in the summer of 1987 as the ultimate supercar of its generation. The last car unveiled by Mr Enzo Ferrari himself, before his death a little over a year later, it was named to celebrate his recent 40th anniversary as a car maker.

The F40 was given the same 2.9L twin turbocharged V8 engine as the 288 GTO, however it was enlarged from 2,855cc to 2,936cc. This enlargement gave it 478 bhp at 7,000 rpm and it red-lined at 7,700 rpm - some 20% more than the 288 GTO.

Once the enormous power was combined with a very low weight, race engineered suspension, huge tyres and trailblazing aerodynamics, the F40 could achieve a very high level of performance. It was, when released, the fastest road-going car made. Top speed was claimed to be 201 mph (the first car to break the 200mph benchmark), and it could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 secs, going on to reach 120mph in 11.5 secs.

With cost of around £200,000 new, Ferrari expected to sell a few hundred F40s, however the demand for what was to become the last car signed off by Enzo himself was such that in total around 1,300 examples were sold worldwide and thus became one of the brand's most profitable models to date

The example we're offering here is a 1991 car supplied new by Adelmauto in Palermo and delivered to its first owner Di Gristina Antonio on the 27th March 1991. As with nearly all F40s produced it is finished in Rosso Corsa over Rosso Cloth seats. This car is equipped with non-adjustable suspension and delivered new with catalytic convertors.

It sits today in wonderful condition showing just over 21,500 KMs on the odometer. In 2018 it was sent for a major mechanical overhaul with Penske Sportwagen in Hamburg, Germany. During the overhaul, the engine, turbochargers and transmission were removed and fully rebuilt. The car also received new fuel tanks on both sides and the timing belts were replaced.  

The car has been awarded red book Classiche Certification from the Ferrari factory confirming its matching numbers engine and gearbox. The F40 remains one of the purest and most exciting Ferrari road cars ever produced. Contact us now for more information or to arrange a viewing.