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One of only 16 CTR2s produced - This example is the more desireable non "Sport" version.

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RUF is a marque famous for taking on the impossible and making the best even better, an unenviable task that they have been accomplishing quite satisfactorily since they first modified a 911 in 1975. The first lasting impression they left on the automotive world was with the now legendary CTR Yellow Bird, a car that would go on to take the world speed record for a production car at the Nardo test track - achieving a speed of 342kmh.


The CTR2 was the successor to the CTR and was based on the 993 Turbo. All CTRs featured Recaro Seats, enlarged brakes, an integrated roll-cage a RUF manufactured coil-over suspension system, and integrated bi-functional  rear wing (for downforce, and air induction to 2 intercoolers, one on each side) and a kevlar body with lightweight glass; power came from a race derived version of Porsche's air-cooled 3.6 litre, twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, also based on the engine used in the Porsche 962 Le Mans Group C car (hence the name CTR2) but tuned by Ruf to produce 520 hp (388 kW) and 505 foot-pounds (685 N·m) of torque. The car's engine was revised later to bump the power output to 580 hp (433 kW).


Capable of a 0-60 time if 3.5 seconds and a top speed in excess of 220mph the car was faster than the Ferrari F50 and Jaguar XJ220 - in fact the only other production car at the time capable of outperforming the CTR2 was McLaren's seminal F1.


One of only 16 CTR2s produced (alongside 15 of the less desirable "sport" models), this car is so rarely seen on market and is not an opportunity to be missed!





Longitudinal Rear Engine : 6 cylinders flat 3600 cm³ 12 valves single injection  twin Turbochargers

Power : 520 PS (382 kW / 513 hp) at 5800 rpm (Max RPM 6800 rpm)
Torque : 685 Nm (69.8 mkg / 505 lb-ft) at 4800 rpm (~ 468 PS)
Ratios : 144 PS/L (106 kW/L) - 190 Nm/L

Transmission : Rear Wheel Drive/all wheel drive + limited slip differential
Gearbox: manual 6 gear
Tires : 245/35/19 Front - 285/30/19 Rear
Brakes Front : Solid discs carbon-ceramic (360mm) 
Brakes Rear : Solid discs (360mm) 

Dimensions : 168.9x68.3x50.2 inches
Wheelbase : 89.4 inches - Track : Front 55.3 inches / Rear 57.2 inches

Weight claimed : 1380 kg / 3042 lb (DIN) 1455kg (EU)
Weight (EU) : 1497 kg / 3300 lb (heaviest verified in running order)
Weight/Power ratio : 2.9 kg/PS = 6.4 lbs/hp = 255 kW/T
Torque/Weight ratio : 458 Nm/T

Fuel consumption: sport 29.2 L/100 (8.1mpg)

Other engine technical information :
Torque motor reserve ˜ 9 %
Specific power ˜ 0.83 kW/cm²
Mean effective pressure ˜ 22.9 bars
Mean piston speed ˜ 14.8 m/s
Engine optimisation rating ˜ 92 %

The Porsche Ruf CTR2 has a turbocharged six cylinders flat longitudinal rear engine with a maximum power outpup of 520PS available at 5800 rpm, and a maximum torque of 685Nm available from 4800 rpm, transmitted to the 19" rear wheels by a manual 6 speed gearbox 




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