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Lamborghini Miura

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Breathtaking....  Awsome......... Fast..... . This is what dreams are made of......


This particular Miura is very rare indeed. She was born in 1967 as a P400 and delivered to its first Owner in Portugal. In 1974 after a small  rear end accident it  went back to the Lamborghini factory to be repaired.The car was replaced by a complete Miura SV chassis retaining only it's nose, doors, engine and gearbox.  This resulted in the ultimate Miura as it retained the iconic P400 eyelashes wjth the handling of the SV. This car has been restored recently and can only be descibed as delicious. In reality the car is a genuine SV with a rebuilt engine and gearbox to late SV spec with split sump carrying an early chassis number supported by factory documentation.

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