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Lamborghini LM002

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Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini's legendary "Rambo-Lambo", having had a huge amount of servicing carried out this example is in great condition.

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The Lamborghini LM002 is both a contradiction of tradition and a key pillar of Lamborghini design as it continued henceforth.

At a time when Lamborghini was largely renowned for its Grand Tourers and Sports cars, the LM002 and its SUV design was a huge departure for the company; although having its roots in Tractor design a Utility Vehicle was something Lamborghini was infinitely more adequately equipped to conceive and realise than any of its sports car manufacturing rivals.

The vehicle's design process began with designing a military vehicle prototype in 1977, codenamed "Cheetah" and featured a rear mounted Chrysler V8. No interest was garnered and the prototype was then sold to Teledyne Continental Motors. Following this Lamborghini designed the LM001, which was a more road focused iteration of the Cheetah and still featured the same rear mounted V8 as was found in the cheetah.

It was then decided that the rear mounted engine created a number of handling characteristics that were unfavourable in an off-road focused vehicle, thus birthing the LMA002 which featured an entirely new chassis as well as a Front-Mounted V12 straight from a Lamborghini Countach. Eventually this prototype was given a serial number and saw the creation of the first example of the LM002.

Unveiled at the 1986 Brussels Auto Show, the production version featured a luxurious interior complete with leather trim, power windows, air-con and a roof mounted stereo unit.

During the 1986-1993 production run, a mere 328 examples were produced.

The example we have for sale was produced in 1990 and is finished in a stunning Black over Red colourway. The car underwent just under £30,000 worth of maintenance, major servicing and upgrading - including belts, gaskets, winch installation, brakes, an exhaust overhaul and - most crucially - a fresh set of Tyres!



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