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Honda NSX

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Honda NSX

Honda's apex supercar, a hyrbid monster that is capable of delivering performance like few other cars on the road.

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Specifically created to bring a 'New Sports eXperience' to the supercar segment, the NSX challenges prevailing beliefs about supercars, just as the first generation NSX did so comprehensively over a quarter of a century ago.

When the original Honda NSX made its debut in 1989, it forever changed the supercar segment by offering dramatic supercar styling, performance and dynamics and breaking new ground in terms of quality, ergonomics and usability.

By making use of advanced new technologies, such as a lightweight yet rigid all-aluminium monocoque body and chassis, mated to a mid-mounted transverse V6 engine, the original NSX challenged conventional supercar wisdom. Its high-revving engine featured a number of innovative production technologies, including forged pistons, titanium connecting rods and VTEC valve train.

Moreover, the NSX sought a more intimate connection between driver, car and the road, pursued through essential design elements - low vehicle mass, high power-to-weight ratio, a rigid body supporting a performance-focused chassis, outstanding visibility, exceptional ergonomics and accessible performance. The result was a paradigm-challenging definition of a supercar.

Foremost among its many innovations is Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD), a first-of-its-kind technology in the supercar arena. By combining this new interpretation of Honda Super Handling performance with innovative approaches to vehicle design - including advanced body construction, component packaging and aerodynamic optimisation - the NSX faithfully translates the acceleration, steering and braking inputs of the driver with incredible fidelity and with instant response.

Through Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, the NSX is the world's first supercar to utilise hybrid electric motors to enhance and elevate every element of its dynamic performance: acceleration, braking and cornering. With electrically powered torque vectoring provided by the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit, the NSX takes Honda Super Handling All-Wheel Drive technology to a new level - using the dynamic, instantaneous and continuous distribution of electric motor torque to enhance the precision of handling and cornering performance in all driving situations.

The new NSX is Honda's flagship model and the ultimate expression - in series production form - of Honda's vision for sporty and advanced vehicles. With first deliveries to European customers expected in autumn 2016, the NSX represents a critical step in re-establishing the Honda's passion for performance enabled by advanced technologies.

The car is delivery mileage and is finished in a stunning metallic grey over Black alcantara.



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