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Ferrari 512TR

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Ferrari 512TR

An stunning example of Ferrari's legendary 512TR, finished in the rare Blu Medio over Crema.

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Ferrari found their Testarossa firmly in the crosshair of Lamborghini's Diablo in 1990 and as a result they made a call to arms and developed the incredible 512 TR. The car was very clearly based on the Testarossa, both mechanically and aesthetically; and pays homage to it in its name; 5 referring to displacement, 12 to the number of cylinders and TR for Testarossa.

The car was unbelievably well received by customers and press alike, thanks to the 7-year run of the Testarossa Ferrari had firm feedback to work with and improve upon an already very well rounded car. First and foremost, they updated the interior steering wheel and seats in order to make the car more focused towards Grand Touring. The exterior remained almost identical to the Testarossa albeit a redesigned, more aerodynamic and aggressive front end.

The engine was the recipient of the most substantial overhaul; Bosch Engine Management and Nikasil Cylinder liners, 10:1 compression and a redesigned exhaust system saw a rise in power from 390hp in the Testarossa to 428hp in the 512 TR; resulting in a top speed of 195mph. Ferrari also changed to a single plate clutch, quickened the steering rack and fitted larger brakes in order to compliment the higher speed of the car.

The car we're offering was built in 1994 and delivered new to Al Tayer Motors of Dubai, finished in Blu Medio over Crema with Nero Carpets. The car made its way to Japan in 2007 and was meticulously well cared for.

Service history is extensive; first belt service done in 2000 and secondly recently in Japan before most recently being done at Joe Macari Servicing.


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